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The construction industry is one of the most important to the American economy.  As we look to the future, prosperity goes hand-in-hand with the improvement of our living conditions, with the places in which we work, call home or go to school. Bentivegna Construction is here to bring you the highest quality construction consulting and hands-on work.

Quality Building Services

Over the last few, years we have seen general contractors often get a bad name in the media. The multitude of television programs today on home improvement tends to highlight disasters just as much as the victories.  Trouble starts when less experienced contractors are hired and they, in turn, do subpar work.  And that is only half of it, the other segment of general contractors that cause problems are the firms that lack ethics or wise judgment. Hiring unlicensed and sometimes illegal workers may save a few dollars in the beginning, but in the end, it could spell absolute disaster.

Full Service Work

The good news is that here at Bentivegna our construction services, our teams come with complete qualifications to get the job done right the first time, while coming in on budget. We deal with virtually all types of construction work covering the ultra high-end condo renovations and mid to lower end simple jobs in started homes, like bathroom and kitchen work. We’ll sit down with you and together we will establish just the right budget for the construction services that need to be performed. The process will be seamless as we educate you on the various steps through to the completion of your project.

Next, we’ll ensure that the proper design work is completed. You’ll have the option of doing your designs or with the help of one of our interior design specialists which are available free of charge.  No matter what type of taste you have, we are here to see your grandest vision become a reality. With these designs, we’ll them see to it that you get the proper building permits with your municipality to get the work done properly and safely. We’ll start out with concept drawings and then work out from there, adding details and materials that carve out the look and feel of your additions.

Strong Partners

We have the capacity to partner your up with a design build company if you are looking to maximize every dollar through a tight budget. A design-build partner will allow us to work through the dollars and cents of the budget while not wasting any time and beginning construction as soon as possible. While if you have a bit more to spend or have a large renovations project, our construction services will most likely need an architect to get involved.  They’ll bring in the ultimate look with a flair for highly professional execution.  The architect adds to the construction process through a solid knowledge of materials, finishes and space design. This will often include additional pairing up with an interior designer or landscape designer to finalize the planning.

Free Estimates

We offer free estimates for all of our work so that you’ll feel very comfortable right from the start of the experience that you’ll have some budgetary ranges for any of our construction services or renovation work. From there we can also perform our pre-construction services outline.  This will include the crictical items that you’ll see on the road to getting your renovation, or new build job was done. A package like this includes a detailed schedule that will show the areas of work that will be done along with engineering details, drawings, permits and other important items. Our planning is unpresedented in the market so that you are completely aware of the cost factors. We’ll also estimate any variances that you might encounter along the path to the completion of the construction project.

Strong References

Looking for some quality references before we begin the process? Good idea, we are completely comfortable providing a list of references that deals with many of our jobs including new home construction, home renovation, kitchen and bathroom renovations and even commercial construction, like apartment complex rebuilds, duplexes, and triplexes. Just ask for the specific reference for the type of work that you would like to have done and you’ll have it within a 48 hour period.  There is no construction services provider out there that is faster than us. Our past clients tell us time and time again how happy they are with the work performed, and you will be too.

You are in Good Hands

So go ahead and make the decision to contact us today.  You’ll be happy to hear that, once hired, your progress will be not only displayed visually through a constant stream of photos and narrative. We have an app for you to read about the technical items that are completed within the construction or renovation job.  That’s right; we have a new technology that will keep you informed anytime anywhere with exactly what you need to know about your project.

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